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Preventative healthcare for your trees is an investment that can eliminate more costly tree removals in the future. Every job is different and costs will vary based on the complexity of the work necessary.  We will always work with you to create a custom plan based on your yard and budget. Please contact us for a quote or tree assessment from our certified arborist.

When quoting job cost, we look at a number of factors including: 
Size of Tree 
Risk (ex: dead and dying trees are not structurally sound and require more setup for safety)
Proximity to road, driveway, etc. (access issues) 
Obstacles (ex: limbs over houses)
Total Time Needed (an average pruning job takes about 4 hours, but every job is different and time will vary by project) 


A large part of tree work is clean-up. In fact, about half of the total time on a job is spent cutting up and hauling away tree limbs and trunks. If you’re looking for cost savings, we can leave the limbs on your property. We can also provide you with free mulch! Contact us for a quote and let us know if you’re interested in either of these options. 

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