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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

How We Operate

Our primary goal is tree healthcare. We are a low impact tree service company, which means we will always take every precaution to first, do no harm. You’ll see this value come to life in all of our arborist services, operations, and even in the equipment we use to do jobs.

Many tree services in Chattanooga, TN are essentially construction companies that primarily cut down trees with heavy equipment and machinery. We know that large and heavy equipment can cause soil compaction around tree roots which can prevent healthy growth. We use climbing techniques and lighter equipment like ropes, blocks, and pulleys for pruning to ensure holistic tree healthcare in all of our work. 

We specialize in highly technical jobs and are experts at tree rigging and climbing. We know how to safely lower branches and trees to the ground without damaging your property - we will always put the safety of you, your trees, and your property first.

ISA Certified Arborist Verification

Scenic City Arborists LLC

Three ISA Members on staff

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