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What is an arborist?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

As professional arborists, we are tree doctors, midwives, surgeons, and morticians. Some could say we’re even tree therapists (or maybe they’re ours). Regardless, we are true tree lovers who use the latest scientific advancements and time-tested methods to diagnose, treat, and protect your trees. Unlike your traditional tree service offering only hasty removals, we put your trees’ health and safety first. We offer proactive, preventative measures taking a “less is more” approach where every branch is seen as a part of your tree’s life support system.

We see trees as the majestic beings they are. Our advanced knowledge of tree biology guides us to make sure every cut causes as minimal stress as possible. We don’t use spikes to ascend living trees, a practice that leaves a trunk riddled with fresh wounds. We avoid bringing heavy equipment into your yard to protect your trees’ roots from dangerous compaction, a stressor that may not reveal itself until months or years later. We diagnose the past, present, and future of your trees using advanced tree assessment methods. Is that leaning giant a threat to your garage or a happy candidate for a new swing? Is that flaky bark naturally occurring or some kind of fungal blight indicative of bigger issues? We have the answers.

Our treatments for your tree will vary depending on how we have diagnosed the issues facing it. Sometimes, a light deadwood pruning and tip weight reduction is all your tree needs. Other times, we do need to bring in specific herbicides or fungicides to treat your tree, or even introduce bracing or cabling systems to ensure its stability. Regardless, we will research all available options and present you with the best treatment plan.

As arborists, we emphasize the health of your trees in everything we do. When we do have to put on our mortician hats and do removals, we use the latest rigging techniques to ensure the safety of your property. After we’ve removed suspect trees, we are more than happy to determine suitable replacements. We can even transplant your favorite trees if a better location would offer them a better life. When we do transplants, we use an AirSpade to ensure the safety of your tree’s roots. When recommending trees to be planted, we won’t simply follow the hottest landscaping trends. Rather, we give you our honest opinions of what is best based on your desires and the tree's new home. Looking toward your trees’ future, our pruning methods incentivize healthy growth. We can even assess their surroundings and determine if specific soil amendments would bolster their wellbeing.

Whichever stage of life your trees are in, we have the skills and knowledge to bring them to as happy and healthful a place as can be. Happy trees make happy people!

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